Thursday, June 14, 2012

This morning I start working for the Kansas Republican Party.

I will be helping them with their social media and web presence. It's a wonderful opportunity to help bring more Kansans to the Republican Party and to help them manage their message across the most popular social sites on the Web.

I'm also a Republican candidate for State Representative in District 63. Bethany and I have moved to Atchison, Kansas, the home of Amelia Earhart, and will actually be living in an apartment where she went to school, not far from where she was born and raised. This summer we intend to get our private pilot's license while we continue to expand Connect GOP, Inc. and the Chumly software and services.

I am honored to run as a conservative, Christian, pro-life Republican. Bethany and I look forward to starting a family and bringing them up with the rural farming values that she was raised with and the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit that drives me every day.

God had blessed us and brought us to an incredibly friendly state, which welcomes new residents and new businesses. I thank the Lord for His guidance in bringing us to this wonderful place to start our lives together. Amen.